Something about Feedo in English

My Princess Feedo came to my life in the end of april 2008, when she was 3 monts old.
Even I had had birds since childhood, I didn't know what to do with her.

She was had raised. She was biting me and everyone else too for any reason. But she was also lovely, cuddly bird who felt asleep on my chest and loved to snuggle.

In 2010 I attented a training seminar/workshop in Finland where Barbara Heidenreich was teaching us.
She found a treat Feedo wanted more than anything, saflorseed, and since that we have been training ticks and basic stuff almost every day.

Now in February 2012 she knows:
- where to poo. She is "potty trained" and she also tells mee Kakka (=poo in finnish) when she needs to go so I carry her if she doesn't feel like flying to her cage/the poo-place (papers on the floor).
- her name was Fedor -boys name, but after DNA-test I tried to chance her name to Fernanda. She started to say Feedo... and In the end; that's her name now. There is also a trick with that word. I ask her"who wnts a treat?" and she says "Feedo". -link-
- how to wave, 2 different kind of spinns and she gives her "paw".
- carry stuff
 - pull stuff
- push stuff
- She can separate things and remembers where tho put different items.

She can be sweet  -link-

Some other vidos about her... sining or being bad... -link-

I added Princess to her name because of few things she has done and a song she's been liking alot since 2010 - it's about "most beautiful girl, sweetiest princess".  And then for example she doesn't go to the floor of her cage (there is poo), she want's to be carried around even she can fly, She wants things to be done in her way or people behaving badly gets punishment (bites)...and when she got new cage, I gave her new peches also. But she couldn't walk on the perches because they were all NATURAL WOOD !! :-D She din't like how the wood felt to her toes so she walked very funny way for few weeks...

(In finnish we have word Prinsessa, that's real princess and then there is a word Rinsessa that means "not so greacfull" princess. Sho she is the princess without the P-letter.)